Secure file sharing and team collaboration for Life Sciences.

Life Sciences organisations operate in a demanding, constantly shifting global market. Due to the nature of their work, they need to collaborate with academic groups, outsourcing companies, corporate researchers and industry competitors around the world and are faced with the problem of sharing sensitive intellectual property and critical data across multiple teams, timezones and locations, inside and outside of their corporate network.

Secure file sharing

Stop relying on email to share confidential corporate files. Set up a secure online space in minutes to exchange documents and other sensitive information during bio-pharma collaboration, business development, technology licensing, mergers and acquisitions, clinical studies and other activities that require the secure exchange of information with colleagues internally or collaborators and third parties externally. Our secure file sharing platform allows files to be shared easily while maintaining granular access control and auditing. Our enterprise-grade features include digital rights management, full version control, approval workflow, full-text search, drag and drop uploads, bulk downloads and much more.
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Knowledge sharing

Freeing information from knowledge silos such as email, network drives and laptops and sharing it with others is a vital activity in “knowledge intensive” industries such as Life Sciences, where specialist knowledge, expertise and insight are critically important factors in the success of core business activities. Allow users to create and share their work product such as documents, microblogs, wiki pages and blog posts in project sites and communities to socialise knowledge, facilitate discussions and properly capture information to make sure it’s discoverable again in the future. All content is connected to a person so you can see their recent activity, expertise and experience.
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Knowledge sharing

Global team collaboration

With distributed teams working in multiple time zones around the world, having a central space to store and share work is essential to keep teams productive. Our cloud-based team collaboration platform allows team members to stay in sync, reduce reliance on email and work together effectively from any location. We uniquely combine advanced document management with enterprise social collaboration tools so you can securely share files, create and share content, have discussions, share knowledge, connect with experts, manage group tasks and much more. All in one unified space in the cloud, accessible by internal and external team members.
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