File sharing, client extranets and knowledge sharing for law firms.

The legal sector has come under increasing pressure in recent years to reduce fees, introduce alternative billing, increase transparency and provide added-value services to clients. Our tailored legal solutions allow firms to improve efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen client relationships and capitalise on their competitive advantages.

Secure file sharing

Stop relying on email to share sensitive corporate files. Set up a secure online space in minutes to exchange documents and other sensitive information with colleagues, clients and deal teams outside of your network. Our secure file sharing platform is used by some of the world’s largest law firms, banks and corporations on critical transactions and allows files to be shared easily while maintaining granular access control and auditing. Our enterprise-grade features include DMS integration, full version control, approval workflow, full-text search, auto-numbering, drag and drop uploads, bulk downloads and much more.
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Engaging client extranets

Redefine your client extranet experience by focusing on people as well as content. Our secure extranet platform uniquely combines secure document management and file sharing with enterprise social networking, productivity and knowledge sharing tools that allow users to communicate in real-time and improve the flow of information exchange between lawyers and clients. With full mobile optimisation out of the box, secure work spaces and communities can be set up quickly and provide authorised users outside of your firm with secure access to documents, work product and project information from any mobile device or location.
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Legal project management

Alternative fee arrangements and increasing client demands for efficiency and transparency are forcing law firms to look at new ways of working in order to reduce costs, manage risks and deliver to schedule. Legal project management tools can help law firms capture and map their legal processes and manage the various phases of a transaction to make them more predictable and repeatable. Our powerful task management tools can be combined with financial and billing data, complex process management and file sharing features to produce a sophisticated view of matters and their assets to help make them more efficient and transparent.
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Knowledge sharing

Freeing information from knowledge silos such as email, network drives and laptops and sharing it with others is a vital activity in “knowledge intensive” organisations such as law firms, where specialist knowledge, expertise and insight are critically important factors in the success of core business activities. Allow users to create and share work product in the same system by making it a key part of their productivity and collaboration toolkit so they don’t need to worry about knowledge capture in traditional “know-how” systems. Our platform connects all content to a person and let’s you see their recent activity, expertise and experience.
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Knowledge sharing

Enterprise social networks

The phenomenal rise of social tools in our personal lives has demonstrated that people expect to be able to access information instantaneously, interact with anyone in real-time and stay connected wherever they are. Our enterprise social networking platform flattens hierarchies and breaks down knowledge silos so you can discover, connect with and follow the experts in your organisation, share tacit knowledge and information across organisational boundaries, socialise links and updates with team members, reduce email traffic by moving communication into activity streams and gain a peripheral vision of what is happening across the firm.
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Virtual data rooms

HighQ is well established as one of the leading data room providers in the legal and investment banking sectors and is used for critical processes and transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, disposals, corporate finance, restructuring and more. The unrivalled ease-of-use and high performance of our platform make it the data room solution of choice for critical processes where quick set-up and fast access is essential. Set up a room in minutes to securely exchange files and other sensitive information with deal parties anywhere in the world. Our secure file sharing features allow time-sensitive information to be uploaded and shared in seconds while maintaining full access control, security and auditability.
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