Securely exchange transactional documents and manage projects.

Financial services organisations including investment banks and private equity, venture capital and insurance firms depend on highly secure systems for exchanging business-critical information with clients, partners and other external parties. Our secure file sharing and collaboration platform helps firms to improve team collaboration and deal efficiency, reduce operating costs, meet regulatory requirements and build deeper client relationships.

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Project management

With key people and important information spread across multiple systems and timezones, project management in large organisations can be a challenge. Consolidate your project assets such as files, project plans, agendas, meeting notes, tasks, events and more into one place and make it accessible from anywhere via the cloud. Every project team member has a profile with contact details, a picture, bio, specialities and experience so other people can find them when needed. Keep your teams organised with group tasks that can be assigned with due dates, status, priority, links, comments and reminders. Project managers can apply powerful filters and group all tasks to get an overview of project activity.
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Team collaboration

Team work doesn’t have to be hard work. Our cloud-based platform gives you one central collaboration and information sharing space accessible from anywhere to store files, manage tasks, connect with team members, share knowledge, reduce reliance on email and stay up to date with projects. We uniquely combine advanced document management with enterprise social collaboration tools so you can securely share files, create and share content, have discussions, manage group tasks and much more in one unified space in the cloud, securely accessible by internal and external team members.
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Knowledge sharing

Capturing knowledge stored in silos such as email, network drives and laptops and sharing it with others is a vital activity in “knowledge intensive” industries such as financial services, where specialist knowledge, expertise and insight are critically important factors in the success of core business activities. Allow users to create and share their work product such as documents, microblogs, wiki pages and blog posts in project sites and communities to socialise knowledge, facilitate discussions and properly capture information to make sure it’s discoverable again in the future. Our platform connects all content to a person so you can easily see their recent activity, expertise and experience.
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Virtual data rooms

HighQ is well established as a leading data room provider in the legal and investment banking sectors and is used for critical processes and transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, disposals, corporate finance, restructuring and more. The unrivalled ease-of-use and high performance of our platform make it the data room solution of choice for critical processes where quick set-up and fast access is essential. Set up a room in minutes to securely exchange files and other sensitive information with deal parties anywhere in the world. Our secure file sharing features allow time-sensitive information to be uploaded and shared in seconds while maintaining full access control, security and auditability.
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