Corporate legal teams

The unique challenges faced by in-house legal departments are not usually satisfied by standard corporate systems. Corporate legal teams need to be able to securely exchange information and share sensitive legal documents with their law firms and external advisors outside of the corporate firewall. Our tailored solutions provide corporate legal teams with the ability to securely share files, manage documents, collaborate with external parties and centralise communications across the legal function.

External collaboration

Our secure extranet platform uniquely combines secure document management and file sharing with productivity, project management and knowledge sharing tools that allow users to communicate in real-time and improve the flow of information between internal and external lawyers. With full mobile optimisation out-of-the-box, secure workspaces can be set up quickly and provide authorised users outside of your organisation with secure access to documents, work product and project information from any mobile device or location.
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Knowledge sharing

Freeing information from knowledge silos such as email, network drives and laptops and sharing it with others is a vital activity in “knowledge intensive” organisations such as law firms or corporate legal departments, where specialist knowledge, expertise and insight are critically important factors in the success of core business activities. Allow users to create and share work product in the same system by making it a key part of their productivity and collaboration toolkit, so they don’t need to worry about knowledge capture in traditional “know-how” systems. Our platform connects all content to a person and let’s you see their recent activity, expertise and experience.
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Knowledge sharing

SharePoint alternative

Don’t waste time and money building custom in-house SharePoint solutions. Upfront capital expenditure, customisation fees and ongoing operating expenditure will all significantly inflate the total cost of ownership. Simplify your software deployment process and focus on delivering business value by deploying our secure cloud-based SharePoint alternative instead. Let software as a service deliver the benefits of rapid deployment, frequent upgrades, easy scaling with business requirements, a great user experience and no support or maintenance headaches. Life is simpler in the cloud.
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