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4 best practices to help you avoid regulatory fines

Regulatory pressure across the financial services industry is increasing. Fragmented internal communication and control has resulted in big fines for institutions, with one recent high-profile example being UBS, which has been forced to pay $3 billion in fines since the start of the financial crisis for failing to comply with various banking regulations. Consequently, the […]

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Investor relations: Trust is a three-way street!

At the end of April, Twitter’s shares crashed by 20% after its quarterly earnings were leaked, ironically on Twitter. The earnings details first appeared on the Twitter account of Selerity, a real-time financial intelligence platform that mines financial data from publicly accessible online sources. In this instance, Selerity scraped Twitter’s investor relations site, and came across […]

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Our new client: Wright Hassall

We’re pleased to announce Wright Hassall as a new client of HighQ, using HighQ Collaborate. Wright Hassall is a top-ranked firm of solicitors based in Warwickshire, who have been supporting individuals and businesses in the area for over 160 years. The firm sought a modern and easy-to-use extranet platform to provide additional services to its […]

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April 2015 news round-up: Secure, social, mobile

April’s enterprise collaboration news cycle saw a heavy focus on information security, the successful implementation of social software, and the shift to the mobile enterprise. Information security Holger Schulze analyses the results of the Cloud Security Spotlight Report in his article Cloud security: Separating fact from fiction. Holger starts by explaining that security the single biggest factor […]

How to solve your corporate Dropbox dilemma

How to solve your corporate Dropbox dilemma

For most of us, sharing digital files used to be tricky and time consuming, but since file sharing technology has become commoditised that’s no longer the case. Consumer vendors like Dropbox, Google and Apple have solved what used to be a complexed problem and have turned it into something quite simple, and importantly something that everyone […]

What we learned at LMA15

What I learned at LMA15

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference, a 30 year old institution which started, like a lot of great things, in the Bay Area. My mission was to catch up on trends and as usual be a nerd about how technology can help enable better marketing. For my […]

Collaborate 3.4

What’s new in Collaborate 3.4?

The Collaborate 3.x series of releases has delivered some massive additions to our secure enterprise collaboration and file sharing platform. Collaborate 3.4 is the final release in the series and a huge one at that, delivering some major new features to the platform that open up multiple additional use cases and add considerable value to the platform. As ever, […]

Save your marketing stack from peril: assemble your digital Avengers!

Save your marketing stack from peril: Assemble your digital Avengers!

After my last article on client engagement and James Bond, I promised my management team that my next post would be “serious”. Unfortunately, every time I’ve started to write about the digital marketing stack, I couldn’t help but think “Avengers: ASSEMBLE!” Visualizing and optimizing your organization’s digital marketing solutions can seem fairly overwhelming. Audience behavior is fickle, the […]

Content marketing goals

The first step in content marketing: Set your goals

There’s no question about it, content marketing is today’s marketing. It’s what everyone in the marketing world is talking about, and has been talking about for the last couple of years. And with good reason: within one broad banner, content marketing encompasses almost every aspect of marketing, client engagement and brand promotion. It makes sense, then, that content marketing has been […]

Secure social collaboration

Secure social collaboration: what’s changed?

Back in 2012, our COO Stuart Barr looked at the two hot topics of technology at the time – social software and cloud computing. He concluded the two were not mutually exclusive and that secure social software is the way forward for enterprises looking to increase productivity and reduce costs. So, what is the state of secure social collaboration today? What is […]


Solutions Spotlight: Quarterly compliance certification screening

This is part of our series of Solutions Spotlight blog posts demonstrating custom solutions that can be built within HighQ Collaborate using the iSheets module. Investors and private equity houses can easily manage their portfolio companies’ compliance certifications by using this simple iSheets solution. These companies regularly need to pass these screenings to ensure that they comply with government or banking regulations by answering questions […]

How Enterprise Collaboration Application Latency Impacts Productivity

How Enterprise Collaboration Application Latency Impacts Productivity

A guest post from Sharon Bell of CDNetworks. An enterprise collaboration application (ECA) is any cloud-based business tool used to share information, facilitate productivity, and communicate with colleagues as well as clients. Email, web conferencing software, and collaboration platforms like Blackboard, SharePoint or HighQ Collaborate are just a few ways that we rely on enterprise […]

The roles in M&A

The who’s who of an M&A deal

Mergers and acquisitions can be difficult to carry out effectively. Strong preparation, experienced advisors and a dedicated management team are all essential for a successful deal. Whatever your role in M&A, here’s a simple break down of your key responsibilities: The one with the asset If you are inexperienced in M&A deals, the prospect of selling […]

February 2015 news round-up

February 2015 news round-up: Collaboration, IT security and M&A

We focussed on M&A and financial services on our blog this month, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped keeping an eye on enterprise collaboration news. In fact there’s been a heavy emphasis on collaboration and security in the news this month, with several opinion pieces discussing the relationship between IT departments and the business. Here’s our roundup […]

What are a virtual data room's best features to a lawyer?

Lawyers reveal the most important features of a virtual data room

It’s no secret that virtual data rooms have become a staple in any M&A deal, particularly for due diligence. They improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any transaction whilst keeping confidential documents secure. They are prevalent in managing the flow of information and communication in a transaction and are particularly useful for an M&A lawyer. We spoke to four experienced lawyers about […]

Secure file transfer feature now included as standard for all users in HighQ Collaborate

Secure file transfer feature now included as standard for all users in HighQ Collaborate

You may remember that we unveiled our secure file transfer add-on when we released Collaborate 3.3 back in August last year. This new feature enabled individuals to quickly and easily transfer files from their personal My files space without the need to set up a team file sharing site. It’s great for situations where you have a file that’s either too large or too […]

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Our new client: Allens

We’re pleased to announce Allens as a new client of HighQ, using HighQ Collaborate. Allens is an international law firm with offices throughout Australia and Asia, and has operated in alliance with Linklaters since 2012. The firm sought a modern and user-friendly extranet platform to replace their existing in-house solution. Allens anticipates that HighQ Collaborate will help to enrich collaboration between the […]